Adivo Hosting Help

Beginners in the hosting industry need to be helped. We understand the stress most people go through when opening up their own hosting website. This site is meant to help exactly those individuals that are seeking for advice. Here we will discuss business advice, tools, strategy, and server issues. Most will fail in their hosting business and suffer from making poor decisions. Us here at Adivo, are going to help you avoid any of that from possibly happening.

As a community, we will come together in forums and help others as well. We understand the need for knowledge behind this industry and running a successful business in it. It’s very painful to watch another colleague fail, that is why we will go on other forums like an army to hep the cause. Many of the recruits we want will already have successful hosting companies and will be able to assist people better. Other recruits will be those that need the advice. It is certainly most important to recruit the former, people that can provide solutions. Each solution provided on our forum here will be granted a donation from users. A donation key will be provided to you only if the end user that asked the question approves of your answer. A donation button will then appear under your answer where people will be throwing a few dollars in your direction. Adivo collects 10% of all donations made to support upkeep and maintenance of our website.


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