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Adivohost is getting deeper into the hosting sphere. At our offices, we are doing the best we can to get the best quality of hosting for our clients. We are glad to announce, that we have a new hosting service which is strictly available for SEO companies. We at Adivohost do everything we can to expand the reach of our services. With this new extension added to our hosting services; people who own SEO agencies will be able to host with us for a number of reasons. Below, we will go over why hosting for SEO is imperative for us to have in our list of services.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of optimizing a website to be “likeable” by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Among many other search engines, Google is the absolute kingpin out of them all. They hold the majority of the market share, and have been doing so for a large number of years. Google does in fact have the best search engine out, and that’s not an opinion. With Google being best, second place comes Yahoo, and then Bing. The reason Google is the absolute top of the game, is because of it’s underlying IP, the search engine’s algorithm used to rank sites in their proper positions.

White Hat SEO Methods

Understanding Google’s IP, which boils down to understanding their patents; is the everyday work of the average SEO business. What SEOs do, is they get paid for bringing a website to the top of search for specific types of phrases. With this work, includes many tedious factors to be changed regarding a particular website. The changes that are made to any given website needs to be done so with “white hat” methods; or Google’s preferred methods of SEO. These methods are indeed very extensive, and therefor should be done by a professional in this trade. More and more people are getting into the SEO industry as time goes on. But many get discouraged due to the everlasting changes that Google makes on almost a weekly basis to their search algorithm.

Without understanding exactly what it is that Google looks for in order to rank a website, there’s not much else you can do. Even if you have the absolute best possible answer for a specific question, you will not be the first option for searchers. That is unless you take the necessary actions in order to get your website there. A key is to have good content to begin with. Secondly, you need to make Google and other search engines “like” you.

The way this is done is by performing the white hat SEO methods that Google gives out publicly. Again, this is very tedious work and it requires a professional. If you’re looking for a firm to hire, we use Digital Dynasty SEO company as they are the best in the industry as far as we can tell. They have optimized sites for us and our clients, they do an incredible job; and most importantly, are white hat. Their Las Vegas location company details can be found here:

Fast Hosting Means No Penalty

If Google comes to an understanding that you’re trying to manipulate their search engine results in a way they don’t agree with; your website will become penalized. Once a website is penalized for malicious SEO, you will never be able to rank it again for any other keywords; not even your brand name. This is no joke, as being penalized or “unsearchable” on Google can break a local business.

In order to supply the demand there is for SEO companies and business owners to have good, fast and reliable hosting; we came up with SEO hosting from Adivohost. What this will do is give your website all the power it needs in terms of speed, setup optimizations, and will therefor improve your sites SEO. We’ve gotten asked many times if we provided a service like this. Especially since Google made a statement recently that they will favor faster loading websites. As this demand increased, we had to make a change for our customers. Now I am happy to say we have over 100,000 happy hosting customers. And 100 different SEO companies using our hosting services for their customers.

Leave it to the Pros

What is to be made of all the different changes Google will continue to make? How will everyone keep up with the changes? Who will optimize your website for you? I ask these questions because I find it ridiculous that small business owners still believe they can learn SEO on their spare time. This is simply an unwise decision. The only reason a business owner sweeps the floors at times is because they already know how to do it. If it were to take them an average of 2 years to learn the ins and outs of sweeping, before being able to successfully sweep; also, they would simply pass that job onto someone else with experience.

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Happy Hosting!

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